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they say sleep is the cousin' of death

so my eyes wide open cuz a dream is kin to ya last breath

11 November 1988
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I just stay gangsta sometimes

GUi. 16. november 11th, 1988. coconut creek, fl. coconut creek high school. senior. creekhigh. drama club. music. indie. gui wee herman. death cab for cutie. the postal service. friends. acting. being wierd. random comments. laughing. brazilian. five ear piercings. acting nice to people i secretly hate. making dumb people feel dumber. not counceling people. IM: [blueapollo88]

R.I.P. Lindsay Pickens.
December 3, 1988 - October 16, 2006
Heaven needs an angel like you. Save me a place, I'll be with you soon enough.
"I'll be there when you come down... I'll be waiting for you"

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"Picnic Table" Alix Olson
I Smiled.
You Got Shy.
You Said "Don't Smile."
I Said "Why?"
You Said "Just Don't."
I Said "Okay, I Won't."

And I Smiled.